4050 connect you with the UK’s top graduate employers

We appreciate that everyone is different and so adopt a personalised approach to your job search. We get to know you first before we match you to your perfect role!

A Personalised Approach


When we receive your application a member of the team will pop you a call to have a chat about you and what you want from a graduate career. If the phone call goes well, you will be invited in to the office to meet a member of the 40|50 team.

Meet In Person

This stage of our process is essentially an extension of the phone call, and so we’ll continue to chat informally to find out exactly what you want from a graduate career and where we feel you would be a good team fit.

Interview Preparation

This is where our years of experience really comes in handy! We invite you in for prep to help you nail interviews and we coach you throughout the interview process.


Kick-start your Graduate Career! You’ve been matched to a company and have accepted your dream job. A member of the 40|50 team will stay in touch to provide you with ongoing career support and consultation on a regular basis.

Kick-start your Career!